1. Shading, light transmission, ventilation. Can eliminate as much as 86% of the solar radiation, and can keep the indoor air flow, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery.

2. Heat insulation. Polyester fiber sunshine fabric has good heat insulation performance that other fabrics do not have, greatly reduce the use rate of indoor air conditioner.

3. UV protection. Polyester sun fabric can withstand up to 95% uv.

4. Fire prevention。 Flame retardant properties of polyester fabric with other fabrics. The real polyester fiber fabric will burn after the residual internal skeleton of the glass fiber, so will not be deformed, and the ordinary fabric after burning without any residual.

5. Moisture-proof。 Bacteria can't reproduce, the fabric will not mildew.

6. Polyester fiber is easy to generate static electricity, with the smooth agent immersion cleaning.

7. Constant size. Fabric itself is not a material to determine the ductility, will not be deformed, and lasting to maintain its flatness.

8. Easy cleaning. Can be placed in water.

9. Tearing resistance. There is no need for reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance and frequent use.


1. Poor hygroscopicity, wearing a mugginess, at the same time easily with static electricity, dust contamination, affecting the appearance and comfort. However, after washing is very easy to dry, and the wet strength is almost no decline, no deformation, a good wash to wear properties.

2. Polyester fabric is the best heat resistant synthetic fiber fabric, thermoplastic, making pleated skirt, pleated long. At the same time, polyester fabrics melt resistance is poor, in ash, Mars is easy to form holes. Therefore, when wearing polyester fabric should avoid cigarette butts, spark contact.


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