Polyester fiber packing belt can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tension, can replace the traditional steel strip, it has a lot of advantages than steel. The polyester fiber packing belt can absorb the vibration in the transportation, thereby ensuring the excellent impact resistance of the goods in the long distance transportation.

Packing belt can absorb more impact energy than the steel packing belt, and can effectively absorb the vibration in the transportation.

High buckle strength

Polyester fiber packing belt is characterized by the connection of steel buckle, is one of the most solid connection mode, and can be repeated to tighten; in some applications, the package can be used repeatedly.

Applicable temperature and climate

Polyester packing belt will not rust, can withstand a variety of changes in climatic conditions, high temperature resistant (working in 140-2000C). So the polyester packing belt use is not affected by the environment, will never stain your product.


Polyester fiber packing belt is more portable and easy to operate than the same length of steel strip. When the steel belt is used for packing, it often cuts the workers. Our security fiber packing belt light weight and soft, do not need to wear gloves, when it was cut off when will not bounce, and transport workers and customers, this product because of its soft texture, is also very easy to handle with. Without sharp corners, the flexible texture can protect the surface from scratch, in the storage process will not damage the shovel wheel. The fiber strip is welcomed by customers and users because it does not scratch the packaging and the user's arm, so it is very safe.

environmental protection

The fiber ribbon can be recycled as much as the plastic. Easy to use, does not occupy the place.

Cost savings

Taking into account all the hidden costs of the steel strip, the polyester packing belt is a very cost - saving option, with a low cost of packaging - just a simple tool, and a very small, low maintenance cost.


The use efficiency of the fiber belt is much higher than that of the steel strip, and the waste is little. The use of fiber with no storage capacity, security factors and other issues.


Not deformed, with good tension and retention ability and memory, not loose.

The flexible and powerful packing belt is not only safe and convenient, but also can be flexibly applied to different fields and environment because of its flexible characteristics. Such as: mechanical and electrical equipment, chemicals, paper, wood, metal materials, building materials, casting, barrel or tube cargo transport and reinforcement.


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