Graphite corrugated belt with high precision lathe to cut the graphite coiled material into a ribbon, and then through the special pattern roller rolling into a corrugated. Compared with the traditional graphite, the accuracy is higher, and the graphite coiled material is less damaged, and the cutting position is smooth and without burr.


Graphite corrugated metal can be used as a metal tooth shaped gasket or corrugated gasket surface bonding material;

As in the packing stuffing when used directly to the graphite belt winding in the pump, valve shaft, winding to a certain size, compaction can be used;

The use of small diameter valves and other emergency repair is particularly convenient, no need of various sizes of packing spare parts;

Commonly used in hot water, high temperature and high pressure valve, hydrogen, ammonia and organic solution and some other conventional materials are difficult to adapt to the media and occasions.


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