Plain mine linear sieve (linear sieve) use vibration motor as vibration source, the materials is thrown up on the screen, at the same time for linear motion, the material feeding from the feeder evenly into the screen, screen material, produced a number of specifications through multi-layer screen material, separately from the the respective outlet. The structure has the advantages of low energy consumption, high yield, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully closed structure, no dust overflow, automatic discharge, and is more suitable for the production line operation.

Range of use

Screening and classification of powdery and granular materials, widely used in coal, hydropower, mining, building materials, chemicals, plastics, abrasives, medicine, food, carbon, fertilizer and other industries.


Stable and reliable, less consumption, low noise, long life, vibration type stability, high screening efficiency.

Main features of DZSF linear vibrating screen:

1. Good sealing, little dust overflow.

2. Low energy consumption, low noise, long service life of the screen.

3. High precision, large processing capacity, simple structure.

4. Fully closed structure, automatic discharge, more suitable for production line.

5. Each part of the sieve body is welded with the steel plate and the steel bar, and the integral rigidity is good for the connection between the parts of the group, and is firm and reliable.


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