Fabric felt for sheet forming and delivery in paper industry. The requirements are well dewatering, smooth, difficult to stain, wear resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to drug resistance, antimicrobial resistance, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance, etc.. Processing method is to use synthetic fiber into cloth eye thick and thin bottom cloth, and then spread on the synthetic fiber and a small amount of wool fiber network, through acupuncture, chemical treatment, resin finishing and heat.

Used for sheet forming and wet paper press dewatering and conveying.


According to the parts in the paper machine can be divided into wet blanket, blanket and dry blanket. Wet blanket in the paper machine with water transfer, the role is to press the paper blank to make the dehydration and paper smoothing. Wet blanket filter water and flexibility are good, high strength, shrinkage rate is small, wear-resisting, can resist bacteria and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The use of blanket parts above the wet blanket, a small part of the contact dryer, from leading paper, flat top and dry, with the performance of smooth, stiffness and good elasticity, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance. Dry blanket dryer, operating in hot humid and dry condition, the paper pressing and drying effect, has the properties of solid, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance. The dry blanket can be replaced by a canvas or a breathable fabric made of polyester filament yarns. Two types of woven and knitted fabrics. Woven papermaking blanket use of wool and nylon short fiber blended yarn, blended ratio of about 75:25, weaving, fulling, fluff, drying and forming processes. Manufacturing method of paper making felt is the first 50% wool and 50% nylon short fiber or 100% nylon fiber carding fiber network, multilayer and barbed wire overlap, the fiber network ring pre woven thorn to the bottom cloth, reach a certain close flatness. The method of acupuncture has one side, one side and two sides. The needle felt has the characteristics of good water filtering performance, abrasion resistance, high strength and long service life.


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