Application of ZKB linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen is widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and other industries, suitable for medium and fine materials for dry, wet grading, dehydration, dehydration and desliming.

The eccentric block self synchronization vibrator; the tape flexible coupling and universal coupling coupling; modal analysis and application of modern technology, to ensure that the dynamic performance of the machine, optimization of structure design to improve the reliability and working life.

Application of FS linear vibrating screen

The FS direct vibration micro powder screen is a multi layer powder vibrating screen, which is mainly used for screening powder materials such as abrasive, chemical raw materials, metallurgical materials, building materials and so on. The grading size can reach 200 mesh.

Model Description: 3FS-XX XX 3 (layer) F (micro powder) S (shaker) XX (screen surface width (DM)) XX (screen surface length (DM))

ZKR type linear vibrating screen

ZKR series vibrating screen is suitable for coal, hydropower, mining, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

DZSF type linear vibrating screen

DZSF linear vibrating screen is a dual vibration motor drive, using the principle of vibration motor excitation. The product has the advantages of high precision, large processing capacity, simple structure, good sealing performance and convenient maintenance. Suitable for the screening of any dry material of particle size 0.74-10mm, water content less than 7%, non viscous material. Widely used in abrasives, chemical raw materials, plastics, medicine, resin powder, ceramic raw materials, metallurgy, building materials, food, food, chemical and other industries in the dry powder, fine granular or fine powder materials screening.


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