Filter belt used in sewage treatment, power plant desulfurization, pulp and paper washing pressure pulp, chemical, tailings treatment, titanium dioxide, washing coal, vegetable oil filter and other industries with a variety of filtering, dewatering machinery used important equipment. The effect is dehydration, filter impurities.

Texture of material

High strength polyester (PET), nylon (PA66), polypropylene (PP) fiber

Weave: plain weave fabric and spiral.


Polyester molding net, polyester net, polyester spiral net, polyester washing net, polyester conveyor belt, sludge dewatering net.


Interface, interface, plug pin ring spiral ring and sludge dewatering net steel card interface.


The user can choose the type of filter belt according to the equipment specifications, a variety of joint and edge for customer choice. With the use of materials, a variety of models of the card hook and the card hook with the filter with the joint reinforcement of the membrane.


The product has good mechanical stability, wear resistance, easy to discharge slag and good water permeability. The whole product has good toughness, high acid and alkali resistance and long service life.

There are currently two domestic production filter with the professional area: Hangzhou and Hebei anping. Hangzhou filter belt, advanced technology. Hebei Anping scattered with many small plants, large scale.

Belt type press filter belt

Commonly used in sludge dewatering net series and spiral press series, the main material is polyester PET. With acid, alkali, high temperature resistant, wear-resistant characteristics.

Sludge dewatering net

Also known as woven mesh belt, the form of the joint for the stainless steel card connectors, net surface texture is more "people". The characteristics of the series of products are: filter with a large tensile strength, not easy to deformation. Convenient installation and use. Due to the structural design of the word lines, to peel and regeneration of mud cake sludge dewatering, easy cleaning. Water permeability fast, non seepage mud and so on. The series has a variety of models, with different density and permeability, can meet the different sectors of the sludge dewatering and squeezing.


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