In the positive and negative decision fabric, need to determine the direction in the fabric is warp, which direction is the analysis of the weft density of fabric, yarn, Tex and fabric organization project is a prerequisite. The main basis for distinguishing the warp and weft of fabrics is as follows.

1. By analysis of fabric sample and selvage, parallel to the selvage yarn is warp, weft is vertical and selvage.

2. Contains copies of the pulp is not a slurry containing warp, weft.

3. The general fabric density large one warp and a small dense low side weft.

4. Reediness obvious fabric is reediness fabric warp direction.

5. Number of yarn fabric is a set of wires, and the other group is single yarn, usually strands of warp and weft yarn for.

6. If the yarn twist of single yarn is different, the Z twist yarn is warp and the S twist yarn is weft.

7. If the fabric yarn twist and twist the most warp, twist for small weft.

8. Tex yarn, fabric twist to twist, not to have the difference, the yarn evenness, luster good warp

9. The towel fabric, the terry yarn as warp, weft yarn is not terry.

10. The striped fabric usually has a warp direction.

11. If the fabric has a system of yarns having a number of different characteristics, the direction is the warp.

12. Leno fabric, yarn twist warp yarn as weft, niujiao.

13. In different raw materials are intertwined, the general exclusion of cotton woven fabric cotton, cotton yarn.

The interweave fabric, silk warp. Wool and cotton interwoven fabric, silk, cotton warp. Natural silk and silk fabric, silk warp. Natural silk and rayon woven fabric, natural fiber as warp. Because of the wide use of fabric. As a result, the requirements of the raw material and the structure of the fabric are also varied. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the fabric according to the specific situation.


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