Dry fabric technical field

The utility model relates to a paper making fabric used in the drying part of a paper machine, in particular to a dry fabric.

Technical background in the papermaking process, by forming fiber slurry in the forming zone online deposition of paper machine and the formation of fiber web. In this process, a large amount of water discharged from the slurry by forming network, which makes the fiber web forming on the surface of the net in.

The newly formed paper web is formed from the forming region to the press section including a series of pressing zones. The fiber web through the pressure zone is made of fabric support, or in the regular case, through between two such fabrics. In the compression zone, the fibrous web is subjected to compressive forces acting on the extrusion water. This part of the water is received by the press roller fabric, and the ideal is not to return to the paper web.

Finally, the paper forward to include at least one series of steam drying from inside heating rotary dryer. The paper is composed of one or a series of dryer fabric is guided along each path to bend around, fabric the paper tightly abutted on the dryer surface. Heating dryer by evaporating the water content of the paper web to a desired value.

The surface properties of the fabric used in the forming region, the press section and the drying part of the paper making machine are directly related to the surface properties of the paper being produced. But the existing dry fabric fatigue resistance and hydrolysis resistance, short service life, so it is difficult to meet the rapid development of papermaking industry demand, is not conducive to large-scale industrial production of paper; and the existing fabric is not flexible, when the compression roller pressing line pressure, substrate deformation, so that the fabric traces reflect the paper, paper formation net mark, paper smoothness and influence product quality.


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