Polyester microfiber has excellent strength, dimensional stability, wash and wear, feel full, soft, elegant and other unique style, ordinary polyester fiber can not be compared. But superfine polyester fiber as compared with ordinary polyester filament fiber fineness of its small, large specific surface area. High content of amorphous region, and therefore faster dye adsorption, diffusion slow, leveling poor, can easily cause uneven dyeing, especially the dark variety is particularly prominent. Superfine polyester fiber because of its small cross-sectional diameter, light reflection coefficient is large, so that the fabric color brightness weakened dyed colors look lighter than conventional polyester fibers, dyed to the same depth of color, generally the amount of dye to increase 3 percent.

To solve the above problems superfine polyester fiber dyeing, dyeing should take comprehensive measures, that is to be considered in terms of dyeing equipment, dyes selection, selection aids, dyeing operation. Now to answer the above questions are as follows, for reference:

1) Device selection: superfine polyester fibers generally have loose fibers and yarns, regardless of the use of cylindrical high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine or a high temperature and pressure jet dyeing machine, you must choose the quality certification and accreditation of qualified products, and its pump design flow, head, pressure, etc. must be designed according to requirements.

2) choice of dye: superfine polyester fiber dyeing affinity should be used in large, lift, good, strong hair color to enhance the ability of special disperse dye uptake can also be used with additive and disperse some of the complex type disperse dye to increase the volume and enhance the rate of a darker color. From the dye structure, is generally believed, azo disperse dyes hair color strength than the anthraquinone disperse high. From abroad have recommended special molecular structure analysis of disperse dyes, azo dyes within mostly in the diazo component diazo group ortho-substituted amino group and cyano group-containing coupling components. Single cyano group-containing azo disperse structure, help to improve deep dyeing and color fastness.


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