Polyester belt conveyor belt, also known as EP wear resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt automatic, cement conveyor belt body, high modulus, little elongation, thermal stability, impact resistance, good stability, suitable for long distance, high discretion, delivery of materials under high speed condition.
1. High strength, with thin, light weight
2. Use EP dipped canvas as a frame material
3. The belt body is flexible, the groove is good, and the elasticity is good.
4. Impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
5. Adapt to large load, fast speed and medium and long distance of the material transport
6. Smooth operation, no deviation
Execution standard: GB/T7984-2001
Polyester conveyor belt (EP conveyor belt) can be widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other fields of transport materials.
Supplementary information:
According to the coverage performance of different divided into cold type, acid resistant, alkali resistant, oil resistant, wear resistant and so on.
1. Core material: EP100, EP150, EP200, EP250, EP300, EP350, EP400, EP450, EP500
2. Bandwidth: 100mm-3000mm
3. Cloth layer: 10 - 1 layers
4. Covering adhesive: working surface: 0-10mm non working surface: 0-6mm
2. According to the different use of the environment, divided into rubber conveyor belt (including ordinary type, heat type, flame type, burning resistance, acid and alkali - resistant, oil type), heat resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt, cold acid oil resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt, conveyor belt and other types of food. The ordinary belt conveyor belt and food cover the minimum thickness of 3.0mm, cover a minimum of 1.5mm; heat resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt, cold resistant acid and alkali resistant oil resistant conveyor belt conveyor belt, rubber covered the minimum thickness of 4.5mm, cover a minimum of 2.0mm. According to the specific circumstances of the use of the environment can be 1.5mm to increase the thickness of the upper and lower cover.


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