Synthetic fiber polyester fiber fabric by organic acid and diol which is prepared by spinning the. Polyester chain research report pointed out: a large number of industrial production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate, China's goods called polyester. Is the first large variety of synthetic fiber.

Polyester accounted for 1.38; the melting point of 255 to 260 DEG C, are bonded at 205 DEG C, safe ironing temperature is 135 DEG C; moisture absorption is very low, only 0.4%; the fracture strength filament is 4.5 ~ 5.5 grams per denier, short fiber is 3.5 ~ 5.5 g / D; elongation of filament is 15 ~ 25%, short fiber is 25 ~ 40%; high strength fiber strength can reach 7 to 8 grams per denier, elongation of 7.5 ~ 12.5%. Polyester has excellent elasticity, wrinkle resistance and dimensional stability, insulation, good sunlight resistance, friction resistance, no mildew not decayed, good chemical resistance, weak acid and weak base. At room temperature, have certain ability of resistance to dilute acid and alkali resistant. Polyester dyeing performance is poor, generally must be in the presence of high temperature or carrier conditions with disperse dyes.

Polyester fiber has many excellent properties and wearability of textile, widely used, can be pure weaving, can be blended with cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other natural fiber and other chemical fiber weaving, made of colorful, fast scratch, easy to wash and dry, wash and wash and wear good performance of wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk, linen fabric. Polyester fabric is suitable for men and women's shirt, coat, children's clothing, upholstery fabrics and carpets, etc.. Because the polyester has good elasticity and bulkiness, can also be used as a quilt. High strength polyester fiber used as tire cord, industrial transport belt, fire hose, cable nets, etc., can also be used as electrical insulation materials, acid filtration and papermaking blanket etc.. With the production of non textile polyester cloth can be used for indoor decoration, Carpet cloth, industrial cloth, medical floc lining etc..


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