Polyester fiber woven packing belt is made of high strength polyester textile fiber, and the cross knitting method is adopted to avoid the cracking of the yarn. Because of its special quality of the material to be able to be flexible and widely used in transportation safety packaging.

Flexible fiber packing tape, fiber tape, polyester packing belt, flexible belt, high strength fiber packing belt, polyester belt bundle is widely used in the products storage and transportation, which is convenient, efficient, environmental protection etc.. To promote green and environmental protection, followed by the development of new materials and technical requirements, in order to adapt to the rapid commodity inspection and rapid logistics, nondestructive and far lost needs.

The fiber packing belt is made of polyethylene terephthalate as the main raw material, and it is a new type of environmental protection packaging material which is used to replace the steel strip in the world. The success of the development of new materials and the cost of a substantial decline in the recent years. Have been widely used in iron and steel industry, chemical industry, aluminum industry, paper, ceramics, brick industry, screw tobacco industry, electronic industry, textile industry and wood industry etc..

The polyester extrusion compound type bundling belt is made up of a plurality of high molecular polyester fibers. Because of its high technology and performance advantages compared with the traditional steel belt and PP belt. So it has been very popular for many companies. They can be safe, fast, and economical to replace the steel bundle with the binding and fixing of the goods. To benefit from the flexibility and resilience of the bundled band, it can be easily folded and applied to a specially made M button.


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