The fabric is coiled by thin xiaorou, through a cross connected, flat pieces of film. Woven fabric is made up of a cross - relationship. The knitted fabric is made up of a yarn that is a knot in the presence of a knot. The nonwoven fabric is made up of yarns that are connected by a link. Third fabrics are made of yarns that have a cross / winding relationship.

After the formation of a stable relationship between the number of yarn fabric. Cross, knot and connection are three kinds of stable structure relations. The shape and specific mechanical properties of the fabric are kept stable. Analysis of the yarn group and its operation direction, operation rules and the formation of the relationship, can clearly understand the various fabrics.

Long ago, humans and some animals, insects, birds can use some of the small lines of the tangle, overlapping pressure connected to form a larger piece of block, so that it has a certain shape and function to use. The spinning and weaving orderly began about 6000 years ago, people began to use the shuttle to long interspersed spun yarns, woven woven fabric. With the help of rod, hook, needle yarn traction winding, woven knitted fabric; the use of alkaline substances to produce animal fur felting, made of nonwoven fabric like blankets. After a long period of manual workshop production practice, exploration and improvement, the functional efficiency of weaving tools continue to improve, the choice of textile raw materials processing gradually refined, innovative organizational structure. And the rapid development of the textile industry and industrialization is with the development of new materials, machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical power control and other modern industries, in the past one hundred years to complete. Now weaving tools, textile raw materials, organizational structure is still moving towards new technology, high technology direction.


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