Polypropylene fiber filter cloth is melt spinning fiber cloth, excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Material properties: melt spinning fiber, excellent acid and alkali resistance, excellent strength and elongation degree and wear resistance, good chemical stability, good moisture absorption ability; heat resistance of 90 DEG C: slightly shrinkage; elongation (%): 18-35; fracture strength (g/d): 4.5-9; softening point (c): 140-160; the melting point (c): 165-173; density (g/ cm 3): 0.9l.

Cloth classification: polypropylene staple fiber cloth; polypropylene long fiber filter cloth.

Filtration performance: polypropylene short fiber, short fiber, yarn hair ribbon. Polypropylene fiber length, fiber length, yarn forming smooth. Polypropylene staple fiber industry caused by the dimensional woven cloth, fabric with wool powder, filtering and pressure filtration effect than the long fiber. Polypropylene long fiber fabric caused by industrial cloth, cloth smooth, good air permeability.

Uses: chemical, ceramics, pharmaceutical, smelting, manufacturing, mineral processing as the bottom.

Type: Polypropylene long fiber filter cloth: 52L, 527, 534, 8401, 750AB (750A), 8402 (750B);

Polypropylene staple fiber cloth (4212): 2403.


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