Shrinkage of fabric The shrinkage of a fabric refers to the percentage of shrinkage of the fabric after laundering or soaking. In general, the largest shrinkage fabric is synthetic fiber and its blended fabric, followed by wool, linen, cotton fabric center, shrinking larger, and the largest is the viscose fiber, rayon, artificial wool fabric.

Fabric shrinkage factors:

1. Different raw materials of fabric, shrinkage is different. In general, the moisture absorption of large fibers, fiber expansion after flooding, diameter increases, shorten the length, shrinkage is large. If the viscose fiber water absorption of up to 13%, while the synthetic fiber fabric moisture absorption is poor, the shrinkage is small.

2,. The density of the fabric is different, shrinkage is also different. Such as the latitude and longitude to a similar density, the latitude and longitude to the shrinkage is also close. The density of the fabric, the shrinkage to large, on the contrary, the weft density is greater than the density of the fabric, weft shrinkage is large.

3. Fabric yarn count varies, shrinkage is also different. Yarn coarse cloth shrinkage on the large, fine yarn shrinkage of the fabric is small.

4. Fabric production process is different, shrinkage is also different. In general, the fabric in the weaving and dyeing and finishing process, the fiber to stretch several times, processing time is long, large tension applied to the fabric shrinkage is large, and vice versa small.


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