Linear vibrating screen bearing heating problem is also one of the more common problems, but do not worry about the problem, there is always a solution to the problem. Below we try to understand the linear sieve bearing heating should be how to solve: linear sieve principle depends on the excitation force to drive the sieve surface will have a certain frequency and amplitude, so that the material was screened in the screen above, the selected particle sizes of different materials. But in the process of the work, often appear exciter speed slow down, bearing temperature rise phenomenon, if there is such a case if the operator needs to immediately stop and inspect the machine, check the problem in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the line screen.

Linear vibrating screen vibration exciter to drive the symmetrical eccentric block structure to produce high-speed operation, when the device eccentric block in a long time after the use of off or eccentric block size is inconsistent, will lead to abnormal equipment speed. At this point, the eccentric block structure should be replaced in time to ensure that the two bias block size of the linear vibrating screen is in line with the running balance. Linear vibrating screen bearings in the abnormal speed, easy to friction and temperature rise. When the bearing of linear vibrating screen, lack of lubrication oil or lubricating oil additives do not meet equipment needs, resulting in a maze of linear vibrating screen sealing device is blocked, will cause the bearing temperature rise structure exceeds the specified range value, this time should promptly check the lubrication system to ensure adequate equipment, lubricating oil cleaning, if found to remove the blocking phenomenon thoroughly clean the bearing sealing ring; if there is damage or wear in bearing after fracture phenomenon, should be timely to the sealing ring and the bearing replacement, re adjust the vibrating screen after the re start screening grading materials.


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