The future development will be in the dryer drying mechanism and drying characteristics of in-depth grasp of the optimal operating conditions of different materials, the development and improvement of dryer; in addition, large-scale, high strength, high efficiency, and to improve the adaptability of raw materials and product quality, is the basic trend of development of the dryer. At the same time, further research and development of new type of high efficiency and adapt to the special requirements of the dryer. Such as combination type dryer, microwave dryer and far infrared dryer, etc..

The development of dryer should attach importance to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy. Such as the use of a variety of joint heating, heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar dryers, etc.. The automatic control technology of dryer is also developed to ensure the realization of the optimal operating conditions. In addition, with the people's attention to environmental protection, improving the dryer's environmental protection measures to reduce the leakage of dust and waste gas, etc., will also be the direction of further research.

Several characteristic

The vacuum drying box is an ancient drying device, and the heating plate is divided into a plurality of layers. Hot plate in hot water or low pressure steam as the heating medium, the shop will be to be dried medicine material tray placed on the heating board, close the door, the box with a vacuum pump into a vacuum. The heating plate is heated to the specified temperature in the circulating flow of the heating medium, and the water is evaporated and gradually pumped away with the vacuum. This device is easy to control, condensing the evaporated solvent recovery, the drying process of drugs can not be polluted, can be used in drug package material drying, sterilization and heat treatment. In the late 80s API industry to use this equipment as the main dryer, but because it is not easy to be on-line cleaning and sterilization on the online feed plate, slow drying, high labor intensity of workers, but also for drug uniformity, even after drying by mixing powder mixing device, the raw material production has been rarely used, many for medium and small production or packaging materials heat treatment.


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