Method for treating fabric

In the usual bleaching process, the substrate is treated as a washing fabric or other fabric with hydrogen peroxide or in contact with a substance producing a peroxide hydroxyl, such as an inorganic or organic peroxide.

The preferred method of generating a peroxide hydroxyl group is to use an inorganic peroxide, and simultaneously use an organic parent compound. The system is used in many commercial washing powder. For example, many European system is based on four acetylethylenediamine (TAED) as the organic matrix, and at the same time, the use of sodium perborate or percarbonate, while in the United States washing bleaching products are generally used nonyl acyloxybenzenesulfonic acid sodium (SNOBS) as the organic matrix, and at the same time, the use of sodium perborate. In addition, or, occasionally, hydrogen peroxide and peroxide bleaching catalyst can also be activated, such as iron and N4Py ligands (N, N- bis (pyridine -2- - methyl - (-2-) - pyridine base) (Jia Jian) disclosed in WO95/34628) or Tpen (i.e. N, N ligand, N ', N' four (-2- methyl pyridine) (ethylenediamine) open in WO97/48787) complexes activated. For a long time, it is believed that the use of oxygen in the atmosphere (air) as the source of the bleaching agent is ideal, because this will avoid the need for costly. Unfortunately, the air itself is inert to the dynamics of the bleached substrate, and does not show the ability to bleach. Recently, some progress has been made in this field. For example, WO97/38074 reported that the air bubble caused by water solution containing formaldehyde and free radicals, can use air to oxidize the fabric on the dirt, and in accordance with the WO95/34628 and WO97/48787, molecular oxygen and iron catalyst was used as oxidant, become the substitute for generating peroxide system.

However, the known technology to tell people, only when the substrate for bleaching treatment to have the effect of bleaching. Therefore, no expectation of hydrogen peroxide or peroxide bleaching system to the processed substrate (such as washing and drying after washing fabrics) continue to provide the bleaching effect, because the idea in the completion of washing cycle and drying process, bleaching agent for bleaching system itself or any necessary activator may be removed from the substrate, or be consumed or inactivation.

The ideal way to deal with the fabric is to see the bleaching effect on the fabric after it is finished. In addition, it is hoped that when the treated fabric has been treated and is dry, the residue of the bleach can be used to bleach the fabric (such as washing fabric).


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