1. Polyester net before the machine correction machine, the roller rotation flexible. Put the polyester mesh into the workshop one week in advance. To adapt to temperature changes.

2. on the polyester network should avoid contact with sharp edges and corners, is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of polyester network smoking and open fire operations.

3. Polyester network use temperature should not exceed 150 ℃, single-layer polyester molding wire tension control in the 40-50N / cm, double-layer polyester molding network tension control in the 60-70N / cm, polyester dry wire tension control In 15N-25N / CM.

4. Polyester network storage conditions: about 20 ℃ temperature, relative humidity of about 50% due to the regional temperature, humidity and storage time is different, will make the length of polyester mesh size changes, as far as possible to the first polyester The first use of the polyester network in the initial operation of 24-28 hours, there will be a certain elongation, the process should pay attention to adjust the polyester mesh tension, then will be stable.

5. Because of the special nature of polyester raw materials, cleaning polyester network, please pay attention to the scientific use of cleaning agents, chemical cleaning must use neutral or 5% cold lye with soft brush brush, and then immediately rinse with water.


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