polyester fabric Pretreatment

So far, in synthetic fiber, polyester products both in quantity and variety, they are dominant. Polyester fiber high strength, good elasticity, its fabric crisp, good shape retention, and washable, quick drying, easy-care, free from insects, therefore, polyester products on the market has been enduring. In the dyeing process of polyester products, including pre-treated polyester desizing scouring, relaxation, crepe, reduction, shaping and other processing, the following were introduced.

Desizing scouring processing method and technology

When woven polyester commonly used in the slurry is a polyacrylate, which is an acrylate copolymer slurry. Since the slurry containing ester -OOOR, and contain the same polyester molecule groups in the structure has some similarities, it has a strong affinity for polyester. Polyester itself does not contain impurities, only a small amount (about 3%) in the presence of oligomer synthesis and are, therefore not need to be as strong cotton fiber pretreatment. As desizing scouring step, whose main purpose is added when manufacturing fibers and weaving remove oil slurry is added, coloring dyes and contamination during transportation and storage of traces of oil and dust, so light desizing scouring task conditions gentle, simple process. However, surface, if not a net polyester fabric desizing or desizing base reduction will result in an unstable liquid component, pH value is difficult to control, reduction effect is reduced, resulting in reduction of unevenness, uneven dyeing or color point, color flowers streaky. Therefore, you must go to make these impurities, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the following process.

Desizing agent, determine the selection of methods and desizing scouring scouring desizing scouring agent is a key step, we need to select a different desizing agent depending on the type of fabric on the slurry. The desizing agent used is sodium hydroxide or soda ash, because common acrylic syrup, whether soluble or insoluble, they can under the action of an alkali to become soluble agent and sodium acrylate dissolved and removed. Class of PVA or CMC paste, then increase the heat effect of alkali slurry puffing, thereby reducing the force between pulp and fibers under the action of mechanical force easily from the fiber slurry; on the other hand, the base also You can increase the solubility of the slurry. So that part of the base oils such as tallow also saponification oil, higher fatty acid esters have become water-soluble substance is removed.

Polyester desizing slurry pH of 8 in the general control, polyacrylate slurry to 8 to 8.5, the slurry of polyvinyl alcohol, 6.5 to 7, and water jet loom weaving fabric desizing caustic required.

Oil or fiber fabrics, degreasing and for sizing and weaving speed and added emulsifying wax and good smoothing agent requires the use of surfactants (mainly anionic and non-ionic), through their wetting, penetration, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, washing and so on, the oil and the oil removed from the fibers and fabrics.

In addition, to avoid the metal ions with the slurry, oil, etc. to form insoluble material when refining a metal complexing agent is added or sequestering agent is necessary.

Desizing scouring process is actually a washing process, of course, sometimes there is a chemical reaction. Desizing scouring typically at an elevated temperature for a long time to impregnation the dissolving pulp, oil and other impurities, dirt, emulsifying, dispersing and give removed.


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