General conveyor belt with a variety of components used in the rubber covering rubber, cushion rubber, cloth layer wipe glue, cloth layer glue four kinds.

General conveyor belt with a variety of components used in the rubber covering rubber, cushion rubber, cloth layer wipe glue, cloth layer glue four kinds.

The first: covering the rubber conveyor belt with the use of the impact of the material, wear and microbial erosion, as well as a variety of aging. Therefore, covering the adhesive has good tensile strength (more than 18Mpa) and wear resistance (wear 0.8cm3/1.61Km), aging resistance, resistance to biological attack. In addition to good technological properties such as viscosity, formulation design key points are as follows: rubber to natural rubber or with the amount of styrene butadiene rubber, rubber content control in 50%~55%. Sulfur and accelerator traditional coordination system used in curing system. In the formula of natural rubber, sulfur content is about 2.5 mass. In the formula of styrene butadiene rubber, sulfur content is 1.5~2.0 mass. By M, DM and general agent, rubber accelerator CZ, NOBS delayed action accelerator suitable for containing styrene butadiene rubber in. Reinforcing agent can be used for high wear resistant carbon black, super wear-resistant carbon black, etc., for the quality of 40~50. Softeners often use a variety of oil, heavy oil, pine tar, ancient Malone resin and petroleum resin.

Second: buffer conveyor belt buffer between the adhesive and the core layer, can increase the adhesion between the two, and can absorb and disperse the impact force of the conveying material, play a buffer role. Require glue (glue has good adhesion and adhesion of the cloth over 3.15N/mm), elastic, heat, good heat dissipation, good processing performance. Rubber general use of natural rubber and butadiene rubber and rubber, with rate of 50%~55%. The use of low sulfur vulcanization system should cooperate to improve between the adhesive layer and the cloth layer adhesion. Accelerator using M, DM, TMTD and use system. Carbon black commonly used high wear and semi reinforcing carbon black and with, dosage should not be too much, usually in about 10 quality. The softening agent viscosity better varieties, such as pine tar, solid ancient Malone etc..

Third: the main function of the adhesive tape is to synthesize a whole. Requires good adhesion of the core material (between cloth and cloth adhesive strength of not less than 4.5N/mm), fatigue (Flex cloth layer is more than 25 thousand times /, and have full stripping) enough plasticity (plasticity 0.5~0.6) and anti scorch process performance.

Fourth: rubber to natural rubber, and use the 20~30 mass of a styrene butadiene rubber, rubber content of about 50%. Curing system with common sulfur, accelerator system. Accelerators generally use M and DM, or add a small amount of TMTD, to speed up the curing rate, but should pay attention to prevent the rubber compound coke. Carbon black should be used for semi reinforcing carbon black or other soft carbon black, the amount of about 10 quality parts. With the addition of styrene butadiene rubber, the amount of the ancient Malone resin and petroleum resin should be increased properly, otherwise the adhesion of the cloth layer will be reduced.


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